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Your dream vehicle can quickly become your worst nightmare if you buy it sight unseen.

When you buy remotely, relying on often brief descriptions and limited photographs is always a risk, and the vehicles are seldom in the same condition that you have been told or shown.

Working with special vehicles is not just our business, it's our passion. It's our commitment to provide you with an accurate, non biased inspection so that you can arm yourself with actual evidence and don't have to "hope" it's as described essentially gambling with your money.

We are NOT another nationwide chain that inspects anything just because it has wheels and who contracts with anyone with unknown experience that has a camera or a phone.

You cant be a specialist, if you don't specialize in anything. We are professionals focusing on inspecting special vehicles only. Outside of our own area we either personally travel, or align ourselves only with other industry professionals whom we have worked with and have the expertise to provide you the most accurate information on your potential investment.

We have your best interest as our top priority to help protect you from the unknown or the untold. We like to think of what we do is to become "your eyes" and transform the risk from buying sight unseen to the comfort of buying has beenseen!