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If your questions are not answered here, please browse our website and learn more about who we are and our inspections and survey process. You can always call us and we will be happy to help answer all of your questions personally.

What kind of vehicles do you inspect?

We specialize in "special" vehicles. We focus on classics, customs, muscle, race cars, antiques, vintage, collectable, and any "special" or rare type of vehicle.

Why do you focus on "special" type vehicles?

We do this because it's our passion. We don't inspect any and all cars just to get a volume to make a living. Special vehicles require a specialists eye to inspect them. Its hard to offer a special service if you don't really specialize in anything. In addition we love what we do, we are the best at it, and helping people find their dreams is a big part of our success.

Have you checked other items such as bikes & boats?

We have inspected, and shipped a vast amount of custom choppers, Harley's & collectable bikes for our customers over many years. We have also inspected many specialist race boats and watercraft. We are well experienced internally for this and also have our network of highly skilled professionals in specific categories to help you inspect any form of special vehicle you wish.

Ive never bought sight unseen. How can you make me comfortable doing this?

To be honest, if you have never done it, you will likely still feel uncomfortable doing it. But like you, I've bought many cars sight unseen from the other side of the world and sometimes got burnt and lost money, so I understand the fear you have. Buying special type vehicles often is accompanied with a lot of emotion and excitement, which can be seen as a target for some people. In fact I started this business because I identified there was a need to help remote buyers buy safely and securely without being taken advantage of. As a previous remote buyer I know what you need to see and have tailored the inspection to provide the information you not only want to see, but what you NEED to see.

How many photo's will you give me?

It can be different for each vehicle, but because we concentrate on special vehicles, the typical amount of photos we provide to our customers can often reach 300-400 on a single vehicle! In our opinion, no matter what anyone tells you, you cannot sufficiently inspect any vehicle properly with only 30-40 photographs let alone a "special" type vehicle.

Will I get a report?

Yes, all our inspections come with a report. We have a general report which automatically is included with all inspections or if you want to go more in depth in the report we offer a "comprehensive" report which is a lot more detailed that our customers can request. This comes at an additional cost of $39 due to its specific detail and must be requested prior to the inspection being conducted. However because we take an abundant amount of photographs with a lot of detail, it's common that our standard report is all that's needed.

I read you you perform a "Pay & Pull" service. What is this?

Our "Pay & Pull" service is when a customer decides to purchase a vehicle post inspection, but does not want to pay the seller directly. Those customers can pay us and we will go and pay for the vehicle and collect the vehicle at the time it's paid for and deliver it for shipping. This can be a safe way to retrieve your vehicle immediately protecting your investment.

I also read you perform a "Safe Pay" service. What is this?

"Safe Pay" is just another name for our Pay & Pull service. Some people refer to it as "Safe Pay". It's basically a way to protect your funds so you are guaranteed to get what you pay for. Paying a seller directly and then picking up later can not only be risky but nerve wracking wondering if you will get what you paid for.

Can you perfom a Pay & Pull service at the point of inspection?

Yes, and we have done this on multiple occasions, but we urge careful consideration before electing this type of service. It can come with some risk because if we travel to inspect a vehicle with the intent to buy it at the point of inspection, we need to haul a trailer from the beginning so our travel charges increase (refer "PRICING"). Also we will only perform this service if we can verbally contact you from the vehicle, but you normally can't get to see the photos before committing to the purchase. The result is that you don't get to see all the inspection results prior to purchasing the vehicle which often we are not comfortable doing.

What happens if I request an Inspection, Pay & Pull, and the vehicle doesnt check out well?

That's one of the risks with trying to do it all at once. We will travel to the vehicle with a trailer, so travel charges are increased and call you with a verbal report. But if the condition isn't what you expect the inspection is still performed, but we don't buy the vehicle and the additional travel charges remain in place. So if the vehicle doesn't check well, it can end up being a more costly exercise.

With Pay & Pull, who pays for the vehicle?

We will pay the seller with your funds. So you would send the funds prior to purchase and we will pay and collect the vehicle. If it doesn't check well, we will immediately send your funds for the vhicle back but there will be some bank transfer charges that you will need to pay. This usually is no more than $25-40 USD. Inspection and any travel costs are still applicable.

Can I use Pay & Pull service anywhere?

Unfortunately no. Pay & Pull is limited for now to Southern California and South Florida. We are looking at expanding this service to all locations we service but for now it is a limited regional service.

I read about survey's. Do you recommend getting a survey done?

We recommend finding out as much as you can about any vehicle you consider buying unseen. We have inspected vehicles for people that would never normally have requested an inspection but only because how they looked in a clever add. Advertisements can be deceiving or misleading. Surveys just help you not "waste" money on a vehicle that doesn't check all your boxes, and remember it's highly unlikely you will find that "perfect" vehicle you want first time round. Getting multiple inspections done can soon become expensive, but getting multiple surveys done can help you inspect only those vehicles that check all your boxes.

Whats the difference between a survey & an inspection?

We refer to a survey as a "pre-inspection survey". It is an added low cost filter to financially help eliminate vehicles that would likely not have inspected to your requirements. It is performed by the seller or a nominated 3rd party. An inspection is performed by an inspector who works purely on behalf of the buyer and will carefully inspect the vehicle with he buyers best interests as priority. It comes at a higher cost due to its details and usually the buyer can make a comfortable decision to purchase or not based on the inspection details alone.

I've found a vehicle I like. What do I do now?

Contact the seller and ask as many questions about the vehicle as you can. Ask for more photos. If the seller is helpful, great! You might not want to get a pre-inspection survey. Review the pictures and if you want it inspected, go to the ORDER button on our website (home page) if you want us to inspect it for you. When you order an inspection, the process becomes automatic and we communicate with you and the seller at every step to get the inspection done. If the seller doesn't give you what you need, then you might want to request a pre-inspection survey first. However the seller can still decline to complete a survey. If they refuse, it could be a red flag to move on with your search or elect a full inspection.