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Securing your funds and payment upon collection.

Safe Pay enables you to securely send the funds to us for a vehicle you are considering buying. We often do this for our customers as it enables several benefits.

Sometimes buyers want us to inspect a vehicle and if it checks out well, buy it there and then on the spot and bring it back to the shipping company.

While this is a great way to speed up the process, and can in fact lead to significant savings for buyers there are also some things to consider before persuing this option.

Here are some pros and cons to think of:


  • You send your money to us, not the seller so you get peace of mind that your funds are secured.

  • We make 1 trip to the vehicle so we dont need to return to pick it up if you decide to purchase it, saving you additional travel costs.

  • With "cash in hand" often it can provide better bargaining power and potentially save you more on the purchase.

  • The speed of the transaction ensures you get the vehicle immediately avoiding other buyers from buying it from under you.

  • Secure handling of the vehicle and not having to wait days (sometimes weeks) worrying about a transporters schedule to collect it after spending your money.


  • You need to send your money to us first and there is always the risk that the vehicle might not inspect well, and your funds will need refunded accumulating bank transfer charges.

  • We need to tow a trailer to the inspection and our travel costs increase, so in accordance we also charge additional travel fees of $1.00 per mile round trip starting from the begining of our journey.

  • We charge a financial handling fee to receive and responsibly secure your funds. Fees are $100 for amounts up to $10,000 USD, $150 for amounts $10,001-$20,000, and $200 for amounts over $20,000. This fee covers us handling the financial transaction and completing the paperwork such as the bill of sale and the title transfer on your behalf.
  • PAY & PULL is limited to southern California, Arizona, Nevada & Florida only at this present time.