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All inspections and surveys performed are on a visual basis only.

Due to circumstances and relative constraints, the "absolute condition" of any vehicle inspected or surveyed can not be fully gauranteed. In addition post inspection condition cannot be gauranteed following on from the time of actual inspection to the time it is received by the buyer due to the additional handling of the vehicle and the time passed post inspection.


Some issues might not be visible or identified at the time of an inspection or survey.  Although comprehensive inspections and/or surveys are conducted and supported by a multitude of photographs & verbal witness, we cannot positively offer any confirmation or assertion that all, most or even some of the issues in or on a particular vehicle may have been identified. Many photos are taken and shared with the requestor, however, often it is not possible to "fully" inspect the undercarriage of many vehicles as the inspection and or survey is conducted remotely or on site and not at any inspection facility, so often vehicles cannot be lifted in the air, placed on ramps, jacked up, or photographed to allow a detailed visual recording of the condition of the vehicle completely due to many existing physical constraints. With inspections and or surveys under these conditions it is sometimes found that additional compromising issues can exist that are not seen by the inspector or surveyor at the time of the inspection or survey and due to this fact we absolutely offer no assertion that all, most or even some of the issues a particular vehicle may have have been identified or revealed. It is the requestor’s responsibility to determine if indeed the vehicle inspected or surveyed is worthy enough to purchase based on the evidence provided by way of photographs and or description. The onus of any clarification of condition prior to purchase falls on the requestor to seek, ask, plea, solicit or appeal for additional information for any part of the vehicle shown or not shown by photographic evidence, or listed on any report, and in no way merely assume that any part seen or not seen, advised or not advised, is either good, bad or otherwise regardless what the photographs or report shows or infers. Vehicle condition is based on inspector or surveyor opinion only and as such we strongly urge the requestor to contact us immediately following receipt of their completed inspection or survey for discussion or clarification of the inspectors or surveyors opinion, visual findings, report and or photographs before any transaction occurs.

American Auto Checks and any of it's inspectors, contractors and affiliates does not guarantee, warranty, confirm or offer any other form or inference of good condition suggesting approval for purchase. Alsolutely no recommendation for purchase or any ownership commitment based on any assertion of a vehicles condition is given, suggested, or implied under any circumstance and any inference or reference to the same regarding condition should and shall not be considered a fact for any buyer in which to base a decision to purchase under. The buyer is the sole responsible party who will make the final decision to buy, or not buy, based on their OWN interpretation & findings REGARDLESS of what is visually shown or not shown, verbally discussed or ommitted, physically written or not listed, and agrees to hold harmless American Auto Checks and any of it's inspectors, contractors and affiliates,  for inspections and or surveys completed for, or on behalf of the requestor, buyer, or any appointed party who requests an inspection or survey personally, or on behalf of anyone else.

NB: "Requestor" refers to the person or persons whom have ordered or requested an inspection or a survey to be carried out on their behalf. It substitutes or replaces the term "requester" and interprets it to have the same meaning as the word "requester" for the purposes of all definition.

PHOTOS: Photos are retained for a period of 90 days where after this time they will be deleted. If you require photos to be stored longer than 90 days you must inform us in writing within this 90 day period otherwise they will be automatically deleted and cannot be retrieved. All photos are the property of American Auto Checks and shared by agreement.